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We care about our brand name and our reputation in the market, and we are working hard to gain a good picture of our factory linked to the concept of total quality and provisions, and for this we offer our valued customers products and services cultivate comfort and make them feel good about us.

We provide in Solomon Shoaibi factory a different types of spare parts, the firstly the original pieces of the companies on the grounds that we are agents accredited to a group of worldwide well-known producers in the automotive field, and secondly these species which are original pieces that rely on manufactured on the same design and standards to get in the end on the same quality, as well as pieces that are manufactured within our factories that is compatible with a range of types of vehicles.

We are committed and we pledge that all the pieces that are manufactured within Shoaibi manufacturer of auto parts are subject to quality standards and strict requirements for manufacturing and will watch over the implementation of designs and reformatted integrated team of engineers, technicians and workers with high level of expertise in this area.