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About us

Suleiman Al Shoaibi manufacturer for auto parts has been launched from the city of Riyadh and specialized in the supply and manufacture of all types of spare cars parts in the Saudi market, and managed, and since the beginning of its services in Saudi Arabia we offered a range of solutions for individuals and businesses and the states who are interested in solving the mechanical problems related to their cars.

Suleiman Shoaibi factories characterized for auto parts products quality and excellence in services provision, and thus we was able to put our name among the strongest parts manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, and the company is still moving steadily towards more sparkle and success, and the company’s policies still support creativity and innovation to maintain the pace of growth.

We are proud of our team trainer and subject to the highest degree of configuration, we are in our factories believe in specialization and expertise, and we rely on the exchange of roles in the performance of tasks which qualified us to produce the best products and provide the best services, and enabled us to achieve our customer’s satisfaction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also our partners across the world.

messageOur Message:
In Solomon Shoaibi factories we hold a noble message towards our country and our society and our customers, we try our best to work on expanding the manufacturing areas, sales and employ more young people, and always strive to publish quality in the supply and manufacture of auto parts culture.


messageOur Vision:
We hold a long-term vision n order to occupy a prominent position in the manufacture and supply of automotive parts market, and the transition to the first reference and basic to all who are interested in finding practical mechanical problems for cars solutions.



messageSocial Responsibility:
Since our launch we have been engaged in all social and economic development actions, we do not aim for profit only, but we are doing our part in this society, and so we have been engaged since the announcement of the strategic Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and endured the full responsibilities to contribute to achieve the hopes and aspirations that its campaign this unique vision.



messageOur Values:
• We draws our values from Islam and the general principles that applied is state laws and work ethics.
• We believe that customers are the highest goal and finest value , this focus our efforts in order to make him pleased.
• We are committed to work faithfully since the first encounter with our customer until the delivery of the service, and promise ourselves to do so.
• We bear our responsibilities to ourselves and our customers and partners, on the basis of the code of conduct imposed by the profession.
• We respect our competitors in the field and are always working to achieve excellence, according to the rules that bind us in the field.
• We are committed to integrity and transparency in all our business, clearly and deal clearly with customers and partners.