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Shoaibi factory involved

Shoaibi factory involved in the gallery of the Saudi armed forces.

Suleiman Al Shoaibi factory keen for spare parts on active presence in various events and important exhibitions locally, regionally and internationally, on the basis of this vision, he participated factory in the gallery of the Saudi armed forces to support the localization of spare parts and support the state’s strategy in the resettlement of military technology and develop local transport industry.

The factory has achieved a presence proficient in many exhibitions that attest usually a major specialist in the field of technology companies post defense, production and aviation worldwide, and enjoys the factory participating in exhibitions wing catching many visitors and senior officials and specialists and won many of them impressive, and displays the factory of many parts cars and trucks, whether civilian or military with the willingness to manufacture what you need modern systems that we develop locally world-class, high quality, and in the hands of qualified cadres qualified ahead.

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